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Code of Conduct & Rules


Old Capitol Saddle Club, members and/or volunteers are not responsible for damages, losses or injuries

I understand that participating in Old Capitol saddle club activities can involve certain risks to my child and myself.  On behalf of my child and myself I accept those risks.  I hereby release and discharge Old Capitol Saddle Club and board members or trustees or appointed agents or volunteers from all claims which my child or I might have for any injury or harm to my child or myself, including death arising out or participation in any activity related to Old Capitol Saddle Club, even if such injury or harm is caused by the negligence or fault of any of the released parties.

A few rules during ALL shows on the club grounds:


NO bicycles will be allowed!


The gravel drive needs to be free of all parked vehicles during all shows. Vehicles need to be able to enter and leave the club grounds via the gravel drive.


Ambulance - if an ambulance enters the grounds EVERY rider is asked to dismount your horse and clear the gravel drive.


These rules are for the safety of everyone on the grounds.


Event Classes

Horses are allowed to run through the gate into the arena but must not run out.


No-one under the age 18 will be allowed to ride a stud.


No stud shall be left unattended.

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