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June 20th - 24th,  2016        



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 Some events are subject to change.


To be announced closer to the event



Due to Covid19 we are changing the postmark date to June 15th for ride reservations. 

The caterer needs to know how many to cook for, so we must have your reservations postmarked by this date.   Activities will be limited to a certain extent, but please come and enjoy the ride.

Here are some things to keep in mind concerning the campground: 

These things will be CLOSED:

  • At this time the showers are closed and will not be opened for the ride, unless things drastically change.  Please make provisions for this. - SHOWERS UPDATE:  THEY MAY BE OPEN, PLEASE CHECK WITH THE PARK TO MAKE SURE.

  • The pool will be closed.

These will be OPEN

  • The restrooms will be open for the ride

  • We will still have our pitch-in meal after registration Tuesday Evening and catered meals will begin Wednesday morning


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