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On  September 10, 1959, several horse enthusiasts met in the assembly room


of the court house, and the Old Capitol Saddle  Club was formed.   This was


the result of the interest created, by the role horses played in the 100th


anniversary celebration of the Harrison County Fair in 1959.  


 The first trail ride was through the streets of Corydon.The first horse show was


held in the center field at the fairgrounds. Monthly meetings were held in


the assembly room of the court house until the present grounds were purchased


in 1971 and a club house was erected. 







On Tuesday Jan. 8, 2013


Our members were shaken with the news that our clubhouse was engulfed


in flames.  Due to this unfortunate turn of events, our club meetings are being 


held at the Community Center in Corydon until our new building is finished.


Other  events are still being held at the grounds.  





The shell of our building was erected in the fall of 2013 and is an ongoing 


project.... June 4th, 2015, the first meeting was held in the new building, but it is not open to the public yet. 

2017 - Our new building is still a work in progress but it is open to the public during our events. 

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